Friday, September 17, 2010


I wish something good would come around.
surely a pleasantness could be found.
some relief would be great.
what we deal with now,
leaves us in such a state.
Yes, I am upset,
such a lot to handle, yet,
no this is not a 'whine'.
I am just referring to this life
of mine.
To go shopping in a store,
because, there are times
shopping online can be bore.
Buying books after long pour,
is hard make up my mind,
so, no new book to find.
I try to draw in my sketching book.
but, no inspiration of any kind.
no matter where I look.
Oh, give me back a little life,
I'm tired of all this strife.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In the streamimg stillness,
when the world lies dreaming,
through the Deep Blue night hours,
Comes a breath
that overpowers
all else around.
Bringing all into clairity.
Calm flows through the heart,
that gives the soul
a place to rest.
to recover a home
within one's breast.
hear a Night Hawk
in flight, winging
it's way through the night.
listen to an Owl in oak
resting it's wings.
The night brings forth
a number of things.
All the jumbled thoughts
of the day, find
a time and place to fit.
To renew the Chi,
to arrange them
in an orderly way,
which can't do during day.
Finding out where one is
and how to be.