Saturday, November 17, 2012


Rained today. Hard, All night. non stop. Dave took, his dog for a walk, and to bring up the mail. They got soaked. Then, BOOM, BOOM,  Lightening. I jumped, and for Pete's sake. Startled me so---I yelped. 
Made my little mobile  shiver  a little.
I was sitting here, playing Christmas music on my computer. My little stereo, is lost in the denizens of one of the storage sheds.
I found  a  Traditional Christmas music station on my Dish TV>  channel 73.  A pop one on 74.  Nice.
I do have some Cd's too. I really didn't think I would do Christmas, but, it always was Our favorite time of year. 
I guess he wanted me to. 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

LOST AMONG THE STARS*****************

This is  where my dearest one is, waiting for me. wandering, free among the stars.
where he always wanted to be.
Free from all the pains, disappointments, unfulfilled  broken dreams of life.
I hope he is happy and at peace.
And-- barefoot
I loved him.
it awhile to work out how to make this image.