Friday, December 31, 2010


hey, wait just a tin pan minuet! wha' happened, where did it go? this is new year's eve and I am upset that i was sneaked up on. i hate new year's, it means nothing to me, except, i'm a year older. although year has been bad, the thing is, the progression of time will only get worse.
so, even though, i can't slow it down, time just does it's own. nothing to celebrate in the least.
so drop the ball, time already has.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Isn't this sweet? this the drawing of santa's house Bright' made for me. Drawing seems to be somthing else we have in common.
The child needs all the love that comes her way.
I have write to her now. she very likely believes I have forgotten her.


I am now a step-great aunt. I have 2 greats of the otherwise. a neice and her brother a nephew.
The child is my younger brother's step-grand daughter. and he's delighted. He and the girl's grandmother had to resue 'bright'. the kid's father's female friend. was horribly abusing her. They didn't have photos, so the police said there was no evidence. That town is like that. If you are a working stiff, or of lower economic status, they don't bother.
Anyway, I only found out about her this summer past. I am writing to her, to help her self worth and her school work.
I sent her one of my drawings for Halloween. She reciprocated by sending this card for christmas and one of her drawings. Really sweet. she is doing better in school and not acting out too much. but, poor kid, can't blame her.
I owe her a letter. But, I did send her a doll for Christmas. My brother said 'bright' likes dolls too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The wheels of time have spun round 48 for us. that is how long we have been together. amazing.
my parents only made it to 42. I have a aunt and a cousin who made it to 50. I don't , we may make it. but, in our case, who cares? and nothing really to cele brate about. If we were both in health, ok. fine, but now? it doesn't matter.
Now, hb's brother and sister-in-law, have a good shot at it. they married two years after we best friend and her husband were married a year or two before us. that was way before we met.
so, here we are.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Tis is a new picture I made for December. I will replace it with one in color soon. Her name is; Merri Winter. May she bring a very bright and cheerful Holiday Season.
here she is in color.