Saturday, February 9, 2013


Deep of night
the raindrops start,
heavy  and hard
on roof and across
the fence and yard.
turning  ground into a puddle
all becomes a muddle.
dripping down from the eves,
mushy sounds on the leaves.
Rumble,   Boom  with the thunder,
CRACK, CRASH  the lightening
flash and slash.
makes me shiver in my bed,
like a child, I pull
the quilt, over my head.
sleepless, lying there.
I decide in my despair,to
get up and see about
making a warm cup
of tea.
warm, soothing, I sip
savoring the citrus scent,
listen to water,  drip until,
good, it's finally spent.
back to bed, cozyly,
I am sent
I hate night storms!!!!!!!!!!!