Sunday, June 27, 2010


I never seem to have the talent to make friends. there was a couple of girls who were in my grade. we all went grade school together. but, soon as we hit Jr. high and high school, they dropped me, like I never existed. I am a nice person, maybe too nice one girl said. !!? I refused to be excluded in a lot of things. So, I just insinuated myself. Hated GYM. Lucille Crumb and I were always the last to be chosen. You know what, in a case like that. Just draw straws and choose the awkward ones first. Get the misery and embarrassment over with. Then you still have the choice of the adept players. Man, I hate sports. But I Like NASCAR though. When I was young, I could have outraced those yoyos, three to four times a year at least. I rather tended to have a fearless streak in me, like a guy.
I did it again. I digressed.
In Jr. college, lived the new dorm. Really liked it. They seemed to approve of me. Got along fine. Some of the girls asked if they could come spend a weekend with me at my home. sure, I just let Mom know. But, none of the associations lasted.
Later at State, I shared an apartment with Frieda whom I grew up with. so, never met anyone at school. our other roommate, by then we three had rented a three bedroom house. Really nice)
We joined a singles group at the Presbyterian church. Dated a few, never made friends with any girls. After Frieda married, a girl I had classes with, knew I was looking for a new place. Anelda said, we have room come stay with us. Now they were fun. That made five girls in a two bedroom apartment. That's another story. How did we all fit? Bunk beds. But, they gave me the single bed. Very generous.
Kept in touch with them a long time, but even then, we drifted away.
Enough for now.. But, I don't seem to have any staying ability for making and keeping friends. They all, I guess find me boring and drop me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Jeez, here it is. June is almost over. In fact, I'm still trying to figure where June-24, went. come back here you. I'm not done with you yet.
I stay up late chasing down the day. Trying to catch up. Wanting to accomplish something, to have a meaning to the day. But, Time just laughs and runs on. Time has no consideration of a person's needs or sensibilities. Time is very selfish.
I mean, here it is, not only, June-24, but it's: June-24-2010!!!?? I guess I was busy or sleeping. Well, no, we were in Hawaii, watched the century change, around the world. Got, a bad case of firecracker smoke inhalation. cough-cough-hack. Enough to give one emphysema. We decided to not go back during a holiday. But, 2001 happened. We nver made it over there again.
Now that I'm older, time seems to have really compacted. There are fewer hours in the day. Did some society re-calebrate the clock, and I didn't notice. Be just like them.
It's very disconcerting. Things I work on appear to take longer. Time is just not friendly to people. Time does what it chooses, and we HAVE to deal with it. Pitts!!
Time is messing up my life!! And I don't care for that. Although Time is OK. Considering the alternitive.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I haven't ever made an entry about my Dad. Maybe you thought my relationship with wasn't good. Quite the opposite. We were very close, we were buddies. almost the same as a boy and father were, except of course, I was daughter, not son. but, I did have two brothers.
It was Daddy who taught me about life, what to value, what wasn't necessary. To be honest, don't lie. (Lying is too complicated, and you end all tangled upside down in a brier patch anyway.) Most people seem to think they can lie their way out of-what. Idiots.
Dad taught me how to drive,what makes a car work. And taught me the value and pleasure of learning to read. Be honest, trustworthy, And the value and reason to have a good education. Another thing, he showed me the need to handle money. So many Life skills, the road map to to navigate the ups and downs, you run into.
No matter what I did, he was there for me. One time I was on the way back to college, and half way there, my Buick conked off on me. It was after 10-0r 11:pm. I made it to the motel and lucky, they had a room. so I checked in, and called my parents as to what to do. We didn't have triple AAA. I was 4hrs. away. My Mom and Dad, got dressed, told my kid brother go to his Aunt, then took off and drove through the night to come help me. I mean, is that Love or what? They were great. They would have done the same for my brothers too.
If we needed them, they were always there. Not 'helicopter'. Just love and responsibility.
I miss them, yet. They were not just my parents, they were my best friends.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Did you see the story today? There are slaves in AMERICA. There are those who come here in the diplomatic guise, who surreptitiously hold slaves. Knowing their residences are sacrosanct.
The officials trick some of their own people, to come. Then deny them their God given right, and hold them in bondage. This has been going on for years. only now, something my be able to done
for these poor people. This is a blatant and disrespectful subterfuge. An elitist mindset. A knowingly breaking of one our most precious rights. There was slavery here. A shameful thing, in country like ours. . As a kid, I didn't understand why people wouldn't pay for honest labor. I later learned the answer. Didn't care for it. It's called:greed.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have had a long chilly stretch of weather. Then, zap! hot weather. Very uncomfortable. Just adds to my inertia.
Not at all conducive for any kind of creativity. I have finally after all these years, been able to come to terms with the dry spells. They are a natural aspect in the creative process. Only wish I could have worked that out long ago.
Would have made things a whole lot easier. Oh well, guess that is part the process of maturing. Some things belong where they are. And are just some of the bumps and potholes in the road of Life.
I used to be frantic. I would never get things done I wanted to do. Now, it's, so what. I will get done what ever gets done. I do what pleases me. And forget about the rest.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Or, rather-'spelng be'. Really! Did you see in the news, about the nitwits picketing the Bee in Washingto,D.C.? ttey say American English is hard to learn!! Gosh, things are hard, when you have to actuallyapply yourself.
Why do I HAVE to learn all this? Why do you have to go to school.
English is not a language that has formal construction. English is a trader's language. Formed here and there by migrating peoples. Put together BY wandering tribes looking for new lands and hunting grounds. By traders picking up the words AND new trade goods, that would be gathered and taken to a trading center. The language has a very rich history.
Kids do not care about school, because their parents didn't, lazy makes lazy. When my older brother and I asked our mom and dad that. They both set us down and explained the facts of life.
you can't get a job to work and have a life. You can't handle money, you can't drive car. Because you need to read, write(spell) and do maths. Or you do not get any place in this world.
Even though our economic situation is pretty poor right now. We still have to learn. The kids coming along, they are the future of our country. Because, if they aren't educated, we become a third world country.
Do you really want to live in a cardboard box?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The year half gone already. Nothing good has happened for months. We are both getting very tired of not feeling well. Hb. is losing strength in his shouldered, arms and hands. I have various stuff to deal with. The neural dermatitis outbreak on my scalp is so painful most of the time. I just go lie down when I can't stand it anymore. Eventually I fall asleep out of exhaustion.
So, haven't been able to do anything.