Friday, October 26, 2012


It rained  today. First rain since Spring, and since I have come here.  It was welcome. Maybe it settled the dust. But, there is dust in the heat vents, and now I  have a sore nose too. I asked my brother if any store here carried filters for floor vents. He answered, unfortunately, no.
Perhaps if can somehow get to a fabric store, I can find, thin batting. a handyman, in the Villages, said that would work and be cheaper.
I had a catalog, but, I guess it got lost or it was thrown away in the move.


Life is scary enough.  Who needs all this modern  sickening, spook movie crap.
Halloween used to be a time to remember and show  honor  to the ancestors who have crossed over, through the mystic veil, between worlds.
Go to church and pray.
Put flowers on some ones  resting place.  Sing songs of joy.  Dance circle dances, on a green. and wear wreaths of  cornflowers in your hair. Light candles. So the spirits can find their way back through  the  shadowed gate. 
I'll put up a picture later

Friday, October 5, 2012


can time make up for
all life's pain?.
to cover the memories
with layers  of other days.

can tears wash out 
the graying  emptiness.
there is not enough
to bring light  back
to a hollow heart.

only shadows,
occupy this place.
I see them move
across the wall.

they haunt my nights
and accompany
all my days.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Neil Diamond---Time goes by.

Isn't he handsome.  I didn't find him until the 70's when he finally made it big. He had been out there for maybe ten years, working hard to make it.
The song that caught me was; 'Longfellow Serenade'.  Got me hooked. We did get to go to some of Neil's concerts.Memorable You know what makes Neil  great? well of course, his words and music. But, men like his music too
I've been watching his videos on  Musicatory, and YOUTUBE.
finding out things I never knew.
His early  songs are neat    My.  husband had a resemblance to Neil. They are both part Polish. .No, my husband didn't sing.   but, I can  I sing along.  I sing real notes. not in the cracks.
I am doing this because  of course I like Neil, but, also, because his music reminds me of a happier time. when our life  was good. and  Dale and I  were happy.
P.S.  The Jazz Singer,  did not deserve the criticism it received.
I have a copy. the story is strong.  Neil was Neil.
really, even  Kirk Douglas,  played himself.
I've watched thousands of movies.   And  I've done a little  acting myself.