Monday, July 26, 2010


Do your appliances sing to you? the refrigerator, the heater-A/C, hum show tunes, country? Washer, drier? How about the air cleaner. Just last night, I put some of my laundry in to wash.
later, I stopped and listened, darned if it didn't sound like the washer was singing: " wash that petticoat, wash that petticoat; pretty pretty coat, pretty petty Petticoat."
Isn't that a silly thing.
There is a word for that impression. Has something to do with rhythums, resonances, and motor balence. My Honeywell purofier does the same thing. I think it's built in on purpose, to save the machine. It may be has abuilt in ability to change the fan, so as not wear it out. As those things are on all day and night.

Monday, July 19, 2010


When we first moved to where we are now, I noticed a lot of songbirds. Really pretty, hearing them sing. Down in town, mostly just stupid annoying mocking birds. Shoot them all. No, you can't, no guns allowed in city limits.
Most of the little birds, I think are 'Phoebe' birds. sweet song. Even if they did wake us up at 5 in the AM.
But, before my Hb. chased them away, I taught them a new song. And now I can tell my flock from the other birds. I taught them: "sweet, sweet, pretty bird, pretty bird-sweet babee-e". They puzzle the other Phoebes, and those try to sing it, but, can't get the accent right.
Long ago, I had read about a guy, who went around studying the birds of this valley. The west birds had a different dialect, from the birds on the east side. I forget how many dialects he recorded. But, it was very informative.
So, That's why I did it. and it worked. Now there is a bird flock with a different dialect, that wasn't there before. We've been here 6 years, and there is a large number of my birds.
The Silverlight Phoebe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

LET THEM EAT CAKE---------------

Which cake master do you watch most? The one with incredibly embarrassing family? Or the real together Ace guy? And his supportive, talented friends.
Jersey perhaps has been around longest.
But, Baltimore, he keeps his cool. What? you dropped the cake? I'll take a look, and see what it will take to repair it.
That drama. Why does everything be a big deal. At least he has never had to stand by and watch his livelyhood burn to ashes. Just because you're family, doesn't mean anything. Most of the time, family employees are a trainwreck.
I've seen that too many times, up close and personal.
Ace, he does it because her loves it, and he has a lively creative mind. Each cake is completely different.
Ok, so Boss, went out and solicited a NASCAR life size cake. doesn't count. He went to them, not the other way round.
I do not care for Cupcake Wars. Dull idea..
I like cake. My Mom and I like cake, as did Dad and my two brothers. We used to bake cake three or four times a month. depended on how fast it was eaten.
But, back then, 'fancy' home cakes were de trope. You could buy them at a bakery, and you didn't mess up the kitchen.
What was funny though. when I went away to jr. college. At the dorm, our housemother, handed me the the cake and tubes of icing, and said. 'Well, since you are the artist, you can decorate the cake."
I was so surprised!! Then I laughed, "Well now, my very first personally commissioned, piece of art!!". one has to start somewhere."
So, for the next two years, I put the decorations on all and any, celebratory cakes, Mrs. Key made.
No, I've never worked in a bakery. As it turned out, I became a floral designer instead.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


A friend I made when in my 30's. We seem to have a lot in common. One of those connect, where one fills the spaces of the other one. A gal pal. Both our mother's had had cancer. Both still fighting it. We are both artistic. And most of all, at that, a kindred soul who had the same passion for dolls. Someone at last to 'play dolls' with. something we each never had as kid. We even put together a doll club of similar enthusiasm. We were in doll heaven. A real time of doll bliss. There were a community of local doll clubs and twice a year we would arrange an all clubs party. Then were local doll conferences. the national doll convention.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A pleasant place to be.
To find the place
within my mind,
where the CHI
and heart resides.
the plugin to the
opening of connection
to 'that which is'
abides. where the soul
is refreshed, and renewed,
we find ourselves again.
guided to an eternal spring
rising from the depths
of the mountain under
willows, we cup our hands
and sip,
bringing sweet refreshment
to our lips.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


But, now it rings for different things. not, exactly as it was meant. someone has rather shifted, the meaning and the frame. the picture is not quite the same. Tom, Ben and John, today would wonder, where their dream had gone.
sad, now to view, the melting pot, has become puzzling stew, a goulash, a dreadful soup.
it would quite knock them for loop. a trouble they did not foresee, congress, no matter what they do or say, end up only wanting things--'their' way.
speeches, so grand, full of bombast, are made of hot air--only a short blast.
the experiment so grand, has very gotten out of hand. up a creek, no one has paddle, did anyone think to bring a horse--with the saddle?