Monday, January 25, 2010


This is the new E&B re-issue of the popular 1950's fashion doll. The original was 14 inches. but the new doll is 13 inches, to insure that the two dolls can not be mixed up. And that the new doll could not be sold fraudulently as an original. Very forward thinking.
By the time the original doll was released, Mom said I was too old for dolls. So, I couldn't get one. I eventually was able to change her mind about being too old for dolls.
Over the years of my collecting, and always looking the right doll to add to my collection. I ran across quite a few real Toni's. But, in this case, I decided I didn't want 'used' doll. Which is funny, because all my other dolls are technically 'second hand'.
So, OK. Time passes.
I had told myself that I didn't need any new dolls. But, I have picked up a small few anyway. But, I had been seeing some interest in the 50's fashion dolls, featured in the Tonner magazine. He was presenting a revival and appreciation of past fashion dolls. Which is really terrific.
Since I had purchased three of the new MOXIE dolls for myself at Christmas, as I was gleaning the web, looking for doll sources, other than eBay, I ran across a doll shop here in my part of the state. She had the new Toni. So, hum, um. Maybe. Let me think about it. Oh, well, yeah. She was everything a little girl could dream of in a doll. Just the type I would have ooohed over. I had my Hb. send for her, for me. She was to be a Valentine's gift. Right, didn't happen. Had to have her now. She still counts as a Valentine gift anyway. He doesn't need to get a new gift. He's covered.
She is going to be hard to dress, because, although that set of undies looks nifty. Clothes look lumpy over it. And she will, have to have a few dresses, or else, she is not a true fashion doll.
My childhood doll Maribelle, may be just a tad jealous. I shall have to assure her, that she is still first in my regard.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Silver falling from the skies.
Softly lands with a sigh.
Gently covers all in white,
and it makes a lovely sight.
Slowly the real world fades away,
covered all in Hulda's way.
Stitched in silver, lies her quilt.
Muffling sound, producing a quietude,
a serene, mysterious solitude,
here in this world, she has built.
We have snow, here, on the east foothills.
And, yeah, I know, this is a daylight photo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went to see my eye doctor yesterday. Got the final eyeshot in a series. Next month he will evaluate me to see, how well the injections worked for me. He was giving me Avastin. I feel they were worth my nerves. Because, I was so nevous, I broke out in Nuero-dermatitus spots. Ugly red things, that take forever to heal. The spots on my scalp are the worst. They itch and burn, until I can get something on them to stop it. Drives me crazy. Scalpasin helps.
I hope to get new glasses before my evaluation. So, I can see the chart better.
We are having some heavy storms. Washing away cliffs, flooding streets, blowing down trees. Thunder and lightening. WOW!! We need the rain, but boy, what a delivery.

Friday, January 8, 2010


We seem to have a strange thing with small appliances. We have to replace them every two years, at least. Microwaves, toasters, answering machines. Although, I think we had to replace the toaster twice, last year.
I think the toaster we have now is a very cranky grandfather. When the toaster pops, it doesn't go, ' snap or sprong, most toasters say,''pop' here is your toast, or, 'toast is ready'. But, this cranky one we have residing on the counter, doesn't serve the toast. It seems to irritatingly reject it. The sound the toaster says is," spuuroungge". and throws the toast out onto the counter. "Here's your toast, now let me alone". I tell him shouldn't be lonely, there is the coffeemaker and the microwave to keep him company. But, he is just cranky. Can metal toasters catch cold or something? Maybe he caught colic coming over on the boat. We have to put up with him, because he was all Target had available.
The coffeemaker is very mellow. Always has been. He is very easy going and his coffee is always good. Microwave, we've had for several months and we are still getting acquainted. But, he is trying. I don't know, but, they all seem to have male personas, so that's why I say 'he'. No, They are not named. I only named my cars and they were all 'she'.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After all I had been through this past year, come Christmas I decided I deserved something nice and something sweet. So, for Christmas I asked Hb. to buy me two model horses by Breyer. They are special edition NOKOTA horses. Look up those horses and see why they are special.
Then the other gift I gave myself is a couple of the new MOXIE dolls. They are very cartoony. I bought the Avery Christmas special and also, Avery-Bo-Peep Masquerade. They are fun. Not what I usually get for my collection. But, they are amusing and cheerful. I need lots of cheerful right now.
I usually don't buy modern dolls to collect, except for Barbie. Mattel has so changed Barbie, that I do not care for her anymore.
I just needed a new toy. As if-.
The deer is an antique, I have had it for many years and is a favorite. The dog figure Hb. bought in 2008, to keep me company, after a bad bout of IBS.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I know we have had a bad ten years. The Big Depression lasted that long too. But, people were hardy souls. Not that far from pioneers. Boomers were not used to deprivation. Came as a real shock. Prosperity they thought was like an artesian well, it just would keep on flowing. Not so, hum? Well, greed got the upper hand. Too much, too soon. Too much of a belief in entitlement. You are only entitled to what you earn by working for it.
You don't, on your first real job, go out and buy a brand new car. AND you do not then burden yourself with a house. That is stupid. You save money, not see how deep into dept you can get. As you may have discovered the hard way, Employees are expendable. All are replaceable.
Save your money, and then get what your need, not what you want. So, I'm preaching. But, it's what I told my nephews. However, they also had the same thing from their grandpa.
Anyway, maybe some lessons have been learned. So, let's all get back to making our beautiful USA the most prosperous country in the world again. And strengthen our leadership. All in all. Let me tell you, I have spent time in other countries. as much as I enjoyed the experience and seeing all that great history. I , at the end of my trip, I could hardly wait to get HOME again.
We are so unique, we have such a great culture. Not withstanding some of what is termed music.
(free speech should always be mindful of the sensibilities of other people.)
I personally have had a lousy year. I can only hope for something more congenial to come my way in the future.

Friday, January 1, 2010