Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thank you for the letter. Life is just no fun anymore is it. I had that ghastly flu/bronchitis thing in December. Know where I caught it. At the hospital. I had gone to the clinic. for a thing. Lasted three months. AND, I have my pneumonia shot.
So I know what you are going through. My Brother had it twice during the bad weather. Now he has it again. caught it from his granddaughter who occasionally stays with him. I keep begging him to get his Pneumonia shot.
He was able to get some antibiotics this time, because his girlfriend got him signed up for SSI. thank goodness, because he not only really needed medical aid. But, he now has a small income. My Hb. is failing daily. he has almost completely lost use of his hands. and can't move his arms. I do a lot more for him.
He has fallen down twice this month. Gwen next door helped me get him up. The next time, I tried to do it myself. We both went down and I hurt my back and hip again. So, I had to call his Home Care-provider. We had to wait half and hour because he lives in that far away. I sat with Hb. and talked to him and put a pillow under head. Which was OK.
The helper came right in and with a towel under Hb.'s arms just lifted him right up.
It's getting scary. I am trying to prepare myself. but I'm not doing a very good job of it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am still here. But not too much to talk about. My husband's ALS, continues apace. Even the doctors have never seen it advance so quickly. I do my best to care for him. and he does have a Home Care provider. So do I. As I have my own things. He has fallen serveral times. The last two, I had to call for help. As I unfourtunately realize, I can not do all I would like to.
My hips are bad, and my left hip keeps going out.