Saturday, January 29, 2011


drat, missed the wolf moon this year.
oh, well. this is the year of the rabbit. the Chinese say it is a harbinger of lots of 'that' sort of mischief.
but, at the same, a sign of prosperity. how about that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


the moon between the trees
ducks under and around
the leaves
on the branches.
playing seek and find
which with the moon
humour's my mind.
finally, in a burst
of brilliance bright,
the moon ,flashes into
in all it's brilliant
opalescent hues.
painting all in silver and white
bringing the night world
shining light.
the moon inspires me more often than the sun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Iknow, I have used this image before. It's where I was born and grew up. Left it long ago, only returned while my parents yet resided there. The last time I was there, was 1990. So, devastating. I was quite shaken. Everything in these photos were gone. Only the trees still stood.
So, many ghosts.
I talked to my younger brother, lately. He had gone up to see. took his 4th grand daughter to show her. He said, now even the trees were gone. They got sick and died and had to be cut down.
Now that is spooky. I really do feel, they waited for one of the family with the name to return. No body did.
The land is owned by a direct family member. But, he doesn't have the family name. The land knows the difference.
It is very melancholy.