Thursday, March 31, 2011

ONCE- I HAD A GARDEN---------------

I always wanted a garden. I lucked out in marrying a man who also liked gardening.
so, we have always had some sort of garden , no matter where we lived. I loved flowers, and he grew lots of them for me. He wanted to send me roses. But, the florist roses died too soon. After that, Hb. started growing roses for me. So loving. so considerate. Beautiful roses. All colors. I particularly like broken colors. they are so festive. To have a bouquet at home, one has to grow
two dozen bushes.
Well, when we moved here, we only had room for about a dozen. We occaitionally cut a rose or two for inside. But, I decided to leave them on the bushes, so that I could look out and watch them bloom.
Last year, the garden was really lovely. Hb. made everything so healthy.
But, sadly this this year. No, roses, scruffy garden area. weeds, grass, sorrel, simlax, etc. pine needles three inches thick. Sigh.
Finally, there was an ad in our village paper. a gardener looking for supplimentary work. My dearest Hb. called, and so the garden was cleaned up, at a price, of course. It doesn't seem that he know much about cultivating roses. I just hope the allissum will come back.
One by one, all the things we liked to do, we have to hire someone to do it for us. I hate having to be dependent.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I missed the super moon. It was not just raining, it was STORMING, rain ran in a river down our high slanted roof. So I only got to view it online. Noy quite the same.
So, all I can share with you. is my paon to the year of the RABBIT. In the orient a rabbit lives on the moon. It's a positive sign.
Moon Rabbit-original art:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am disgusted with myself for not ever being brave enough to write Miss Taylor a fan letter. Letting her know how much she was admired and appreciated, not only for her incredible beauty. But, for her even greater talent. And she was granted the title: Dame by the Queen of England

Monday, March 21, 2011


well, today is the first of spring. the is the time of the vernal.
it was: windy, pouring rain and occasional hail. and c-o-l-d. brrrrrr.
and no tulips. no gerber daisies. no roses.
Spring is staying in her cave because Mr. winter is having too much fun. at least he thinks he is. Besides, he has the sealed entrance of the cave with a huge ball of ice and snow, even summer can't melt.
the ski lodges and snow people are happy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This past week we have had a real pest. A Tow-hee. Crazy is what it is. Woke use us up three mornings pecking at his reflection in the mirror/sunshade Mylar on the bedroom patio sliding door. Wanted to ring his neck. First we covered only the lower part. Then he would fly up, flap flap, try to hover, and peck. so, we covered up 3/4 of the door. He would still fly all the way up, flap flap, and try to peck. then tried to fly into the window. OK, so, we ended up covering the entire door. He never bothered the other part of the door, as that has the screen over it, so it is a visible barrier.
Now, we always get a Poinsettia for our anniversary. Hb. just set it out. That stupid bird, is trying to drive what it is, away. He goes round and round pecking at the pot. Looking for it's feet. It also trys the 'domination' move. but bird can't mount flower pot. He actually spends all day at it. So, Hb. moved it under the Camellia tree. The bird is not afraid of people. guess I will try to change it's mind.
I found this on the web, because I don't have photo of my own. It's a good pic. I hope they don't mind. I couldn't find the photographer's name.

Monday, March 7, 2011


It was dark, the sun had set. A cool rain hissed and spit against the windows, as though to break the glass and bring the cold in. The window was sturdy and stoutly resisted. Even though the furnace was on, there were yet cold draughts in the corners. She had built a fire in the fireplace. Now it was more comfortable. The rain decided to come down harder and colder. A seemingly veritable assault. She got up from the chair and went to the kitchen. I will make me some hot Toddy chocolate. So she did. steaming hot, creamy, rich and fragrant.
She picked up the hot mug, with a potholder, to protect her hands and help the drink stay hot longer.
Walked by the sofa to get the lap throw, continued to the chair by the vibrant fireplace, quietly burning. as she settled herself in the big cozy chair. a small parti-colored poodle, rose from the rug by the fire where she had been drowsing, came over, sat up and pawed the air. The bitty companion was asking to come up. She in the chair set the mug down and patted her lap, Columbine was up almost before the lady had finished the pat. Poodle sniffed toward the chocolate. "no, no", none for you", you will get a treat later.
Columbine, sniffed in disgust. Turned around three times and settled down in the lap. fine, a lap is better anyway, she seemed to say.
So, they cuddled there, all cozy and warm, listening to the rain and drowsing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


We did not have snow. there was a light skiff that melted soon. the hills had a bit more. Even the Summit didn't get what was hoped. Too much build up, way huge let down.
Maybe next time they will be a little more cautious.
However the city did get some, and a couple of little girls got to make an 18" Snowman. Hey, there isn't any height limit for a snowman.