Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas, what does it mean to me--------------
school's  out.
snowmen.    snow balls.

Christmas tree
HOT CHOCOLATE   and  cinnamon toast

trips to the city, christmas shopping
spending time, really looking for the right gifts for those on my list
wrapping the presents  nicely.
seeing the looks on the faces of the reciepients.
makes my entire year, to know I did something, that made someone happy

Sunday, December 8, 2013


YEAH SNOW. because you see. in this part the state,. I live. it's too low and too warm to snow.  but it did.
my brother said,  it snows maybe once a year.and melts. but, this time, there was a cold front, the four inches of snow lasted  all.   day.
I was glad to see it, as  I hadn't been snowed on  in absolute years.   not where I  previously  lived, i't t didn't snow.
just in time for Christmas.