Saturday, May 29, 2010


If you go to your search engine and type in 'fish with hands', it should lead you a story on the national geographic site, about some newly sighted creatures. They are just discovered, and already in danger of extinction. Man, aren't people so self involved! any way, there only about 14 species around the world are known. Nifty little creatures. The sites shows pictures of four of the fishes. No-they would NOT make good pets!
I just love it when something like this turns up. So far, the only other species know to have hands, are primates.
But, go look, before they disappear.
The Yangtze River Dolphin just went extinct recently------------------Shame.
Oh, yeah, (ha,ha.) Raccoons have hands.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I found this little piece in an old magazine. Unfortunately, at that time, the photo copiers were rather primitive. And I won't be able to include the lovely drawing the goes with it. It wasn't clear to start with and it's faded.
But the story is fun.
So, for any doll lovers that may unintentionally run across this site--I give you:

by: Rebecca Deming Moore

Now, Anne Marie Jane MacGee
was not a doll of high degree:
In fact, she was extremely small
And hadn't any points at all.

Sue bought her at the corner store--
A ten-cent piece, she cost no more.
but, Susie thought her very sweet
And set out to make her very sweet.
She cut and basted, stitched and sewed
Till there were gowns in every mode.
There was a sailor suit of blue,
A yachting cap and sweater, too;
A jumper dress of vivid pink,
a lacy hat made in a wink,

Some fresh, cool frocks for summer trips,
A bathing-suit for ocean dips.
(As Annie was a china doll,
A dip would harm her not at all.)
She had a party dress of white
(Indeed! it was a lovely sight.),
A scarlet coat, both thick and warm,
To shield her from the winter's storm.
As if this were not enough,
Sue added, next, a tie and muff.

Now, Anne Maria Jane MacGee
Has had her share, won't you agree?
But, she won't be a stuck up doll
For Mother's piece bag furnished all.

The doll, I think, may be a 'frozen Charlotte type' china doll. Or a small all porcelain like these. The doll on the left is 4 1/2" tall, and from the 1920's or 30's. The doll on the right is pre-1900. All porcelain, and 4 1/4" tall.
I crocheted the little dresses.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In a previous entry. I wrote about the tiniest horse. OK, opposite end. Here is 'Jake', he now is classified as the 'tallest' horse, in the world. Jake is a Belgian, and stands-almost 6 feet 11" at the whithers. The previous horse is a Clydesdale.
Jake is shown with his friend. a very little gray horse, named, Nemo. I saw a video of Jake, his owner was showing him off. Jake has the nicest gate. a smooth show canter, makes him seem to just float. Nice.
I love horses. And I really like friendly animals.
In an accompanying article, there is picture of the 'biggest' horse in the world. a huge white horse in Australia. The horse is taller and bigger than the gazebo they have posed him by. These horses must be carrying a recessive gene that produces a throwback to the time of the giant mammals. The only really true species of large horse now, is the Ardennes, in France. Before i make a claim like that, I probably should consult my horse books.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have you seen this? I found it on yahoo. these are curly coat pigs from Austria and Hungary. I'm always looking unusual animal stories. Never heard of this one before. So interesting. These are two female pigs, just arrived to a zoo in Essex, England. They are quite excited, the beige pig may be preggers. This species is very rare, almost extinct and the zoo is one of serveral in the world trying to save rare, but not popular farm animals. We really must retain the gene pool, to keep all creatures healthy.
There were two species left, but the last of the other one died last year, I think it said. Way,way
too bad.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This is the book I am reading now. I had seen it it back in 1987. There was a huge fad going on unicorns, fairies, angels and dragons. I never follow fads. Am a horse fanatic. I choose my own interests. So, I didn't buy this one back. Just found it again recently. I only borrowed it from the library, because I was drawing my 'flower girl' and needed more research on the flowers used in the old tap estries.The bonus is, I found out a lot of lore about the unicorn myth and legend I never knew before. Learned a lot about the mythic symbols of flowers and plants.
Very nice book, well written, clear and concise.
This my own copy. After reading the library copy, I decided to get my own copy. Bought it on Amazon. practically unused. Got it for a great price too.
The unicorn is a seasonal creature. and identified with moon. Now I finally understand the point of the story: 'The colt from Moon Mountain', Dorothy Lathrop.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have never known how to say -goodbye. It is always awkward. How long do I stay? What do I say? Did I say something I ought not of said. Was there something I should have said? Was there something I should have done? or not done. Such things just leave me undone.
How do I end this entry?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've always wanted
a place of my own,
where I could have some time alone.
my room, my garden , my private bower,
Where I had space for maybe on hour.
Ten minutes, 15, 30 minutes,
whatever I could take
To write, draw, paint or sew.
Time to create.
Or, riches,
read a book.
Before I knew it,
Mom would from the kitchen
down the hall.
"come here and do the dishes",
she would call.
"do the ironing, mop the floor",
after that will be more".
So I put down the pen, the brush,the book,
or put away the needles and pins.
I'd reply, "coming, in a min".
I didn't mind helping Mom,
because the home was my house too,
It's just that she always
had something for me to do.
Being creative was a waste of time.
There are more important things
to learn.
Oh, well, another time.
Time is not made to burn.
Reading if not at school,
is frivolous and
is only for a fool.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I just saw a story on yahoo about April being poetry month. Amazing. Poetry needing labels!? What, it should rated as movies are? I don't know. Maybe the solution would be a vetting system.
Another thing. I was reading the comments to the story. Some brave person admitted, that they didn't 'get' poetry. That is really too bad. But, maybe they are just not into reading either.
Prose is the communication of the mind.
Poetry is the voice of the spirit.
Music is the expression of the soul.
I know I was disappointed to find my youngest nephew always fell asleep when he tried to read. I unfortunately was not around enough to keep him interested. So, he does videos instead.
My step=half-nephew- Beau, he is my full nephew's half-brother, well that kid is a total bookworm. Thank goodness.