Monday, February 22, 2010


Here's a photo of my little antique toy. The one in the drawing. He's six inches tall. Cuddles nicely in ones hand. I brought him out to photograph, and decided to leave him out for awhile. He has been in a cabinet for the past nine years. He deserves a bit of fresh air.

Friday, February 19, 2010


This an antique toy horse in my collection. He is such a dear little horse. Very gently played with. I think it says it was loved though. That is the sort of thing I pick up on when I used to antique. We ate spagetti that week. We hate spagetti.
I drew this portrait, just to see if I could. I am artistic and love to draw. Sometimes, though, I can't always draw what I see. He turned out well though.
What I like about it, is that it shows a maturity and advacment in my ability. I was very pleased over that. He is a small horse, only about six inches tall.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey, America has her cup back! And it's about time. It's here in California, so the sailors back east, are probably miffed. But, hey guys, the best est boat(ship) wins. You bet! What a craft! Bird on the water.
I finally have something that interests me enough to write about. Not just the cup. It has been fun looking at the photos from the various Carnivals around the world. Venice had one this year. all the best costumes were worn by males. Quite likely, they are very flamboyant types. The few women photographed were rather conventional.
I haven't checked Brazil yet. What costume they do have about them is usually quite scant. --But- quite original.
I have a couple of picts of the Saints' parade, and now two of Brees as Bacchus. His wife is there too.
Watched the NASCAR races both days. Talk about a bummer. Danica got crashed out about half way in. not her fault. In fact she tried to avoid getting hit. What happened, she lost control of the car and it ran up the track into the inside wall.
Next week.
Not as bad as Chrissy Wallace. Paul Menard tagged her and sent her into the wall. First lap. And to make things worse, Paul Finished the race. No justice.
I used to try to follow Danica, but ended all the races were on Speed channel, except one two. So
I could find her on yahoo news.
What a day at Daytona today. Track got a pothole. Two red flag stops to fix hole. After all the
wrecks and stops, they put on a ten card, double shuffle, so you didn't know until the finish line, who has actually won. McMurray- first and Dale Jr. came in second, a very excellent finish for him. I keep rootimg for him no matter what.
It may rain in California.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hb. used to able to buy very beautiful cards for use for holidays. But, this year, we decided not buy any. The ones available are too blah and too expensive for nothing. I had saved all of the lovely antique style fold out cards.
So, I just put them out to decorate for the day. I have ten of them. At least, that's all I found for now. With my dolls dressed in pink, they make a sweet array.
However, there is only one card in this picture.
The tallest doll is my Mary Moyer. The new edition in resin, not the original in composition.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, we finally had to do something about our speed. Internet wise, that is. Hb. had bought us a new laptop, to use, because both our old tower computers were so s-l-o-w, we were just getting too disgusted. Playing on the things were not fun anymore. My old thing, refused to talk to the printer and the scanner. Hb. got the newest laptop to finally behave in a more civil manner and accept the acquaintance to the accessories. However, each computer has their own quirks, so I have had to push myself to deal with it. I am going slow, so that I learn it all correctly and in proper sequence.
The new tech was still quite slow with our old phone line connections, So, alright, Hb. went ahead and now we have wireless fast connection. I can actually surf, and see all those stupid special do-dads all websites have to have now.
When I am researching something, I just want plain, simple information. I don't need plug-ins or videos. I completely disconnected the sound. I have a mute computer.
So, that's what I have been doing. Just getting acquainted with a new toy. It is still temperamental, But, then all high strung things are.