Wednesday, September 30, 2009


September hath thirty days, and now they have gone. This month was my Dad's birthday. I have not written about my Dad, except when I mention him in a story about something else. I know little about him. He was a very private person. He would talk about the past, until Mom got mad and told him to stop living in the past. He never mentioned anything again. Not even when I asked him about his childhood or his parents. Yet, at the same time, he must have said something occasionally, because, I have always felt I have always known him, all my life and all his life.
He was always there for me. And always wanted the best for me. ^You know, many men don't know how to relate to their daughters. But, my Poppa had four sisters and he was close to his Mother. So, he was sympathetic to women. He was a very handsome man and women liked him for his looks and manners. Even though he was a second son. He was the one his family depended on. Made some difficulty when he married. It was hard for him to realize he had to put us first and and his birth family second. That situation was always needing to be resolved.
My Mom had to be tough on him once in awhile. No, he wasn't 'henpecked'. Mom knew better than that.
My brothers were always jealous of me. They said our parents treated me different. I finally said to my younger brother, of course they did, I'm a girl. Girls always had it harder, because of the social attitude. I did better in school, even though school was not easy for me either.
For my Dad and Mom, getting an education was their dearest wish. But, neither of them got to finish high school. The economy crashed and there went their dreams. So, when they had kids, they hoped and encouraged us.
My Dad was able able to pay my way through college. He was happy to do it. And he also helped some of my nephews too. It made him very happy and proud to do it.
He tended to be too generous to me, yes, I know. He didn't want to spoil me so I had to be careful what I asked for. We were always close. I was never afraid of my father. He never laid a hand on me. The few times I was spanked, Mom did it. Mostly a good scold was enough to set me straight. I hated being yelled at.
Oh, no, Poppa wasn't perfect, he was a kind generous man. He had no enemies, anyone who met him liked him immediately. He made friends easily. I think Mom was quite jealous of that.
Poppa died in October-26-1986. I miss him everyday. As I do my Mother.
Took me a long time to figure out why the intensity of my loss lasted so long. I had lost my 'boosters', my cheer team. The only people who ever really cared for me.
Now that I am a senior, my pain has receded somewhat. I think it's because, I'm closer to them spacially.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Autumn has come again town.
Wearing her vibrant multicolor gown.
With her wand she paints the trees,
wearing new colors to catch the breeze.
I really always have trouble trying to write about Autumn and Fall. Because you see, I lived where there were very few deciduous trees. I lived in the middle of a young pine forest. there was one lone big silver oak over by the mill. One way out back near the ranch fence and there were a lot of oak trees in the school yard. But, the weather seldom seemed to chill at the right time, all we got was brown. Some years, the trees over the mountain on the way to the county seat, we could see trees in color. Only if we hit the time right.
So, when I came to live here, I was able to see some sort of autumn. But, here in the middle of the state, the seasons are a couple of months off from the northern part of the state. So, Autumn comes in December. Lots of color for Christmas that way. The liquid amber trees are very vibrant. And the Gingkos are fairy gold. Oh, love the hawthorns too. All ombre reds and pinks.
Therefore it has always been a little hard for me to write a poem for Fall.
No problem though. Lots of other people have written about it and much better than I.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Long ago and gone forever. Only a ghost of a memory. You can not go home again. As for me, that's fine.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here are Eithne and Philanthe in their new dresses. They have taken me almost all Summer to sew them, because I am only able to work between bouts of IBS. They are really simple dresses, if I could they would only take four hours work to make one. Perhaps two hours or less for Philanthe's dress. But, when I am sick, I can not work intensely, my stomach aches too much.
I have been trying to pass time by reading, even that is difficult now.
Also, we have been having some hot weather, and sewing or reading even with the AC is not comfortable to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is one my princess dolls, I made when I was making my shaped and needlesculpted cloth dolls. She is about 10 1/2 inches tall. Her arms are jointed at the shoulders, but the legs do not walk.I only made two. I do have two that need to be finished, I wish I could make myself get back to them. Her name more or less means": 'White Bird'. She is a very free spirit as she has barefeet.
Her dress is composed of a heavy ivory matt satin with a marquisette and lace over lay. And apricot flowers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sunday, we had rain. I almost didn't recognize what it was that was falling from the sky. I seem to have a vague recollection, that sometimes something similar could happen. Finally I remembered, oh, yes, that's right. This is rain.
It rained all night, such a lovely comfortable sound. First rain in months. At least, it came in time to help slow down or put out the fires.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have finally had a few days where I was feeling better and had some energy. I was able to concentrate too. Nice. So I brought out this dress I had began last year and decided to try to finish it. It is an 1860's authentic pattern, reduced for this 9 1/2 inch doll. The style is quite different from I what I have sewn in the past. Even with the directions, I still had to stop and figure out the correct construction method. I finished the bodice last Friday. Finally finished the skirt this afternoon. Very gratifying.
It was very satisfying to be able to make something. Although, I strained my right hand. A semi-serious carpel tunnel flare up. Between, using the mouse, crocheting and sewing. Makes me have to wait on projects while I rest my hand. I even have to be careful how I hold the book when I read. I'm seriously thinking about getting a book stand.
I have not worked on the afghan for quite awhile. Have to get back to that, before Christmas.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I promise, this is the last of our tomatoes. Literally, metaphorically or rhetorically. (and I think my spell check is not working.)
Sliced, covered and nicely toasted. He said they were very tasty. I only ate my tomatoes fresh, and as a half sandwich. No more for now. But, they were fun while they lasted.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It was fun while it lasted. We were not overabounded. But, we did get all the tomatoes we wanted. We are thinking, maybe next year, we won't plant any tomatoes. The apples didn't develope well, and tasted somewhat tannic. But, it has been a dry year and the landscapers had to cut back watering, because we have to conserve our water out here. So the apples had arather punky texture.