Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A touch of spring, in between all the rain, and in some places, snow. We have had intermittent sun and rain. Last night, even snow on the foothills, and snow blizzard in the Sierra mountains. Typical. But the disappointing part is: rain on Easter. Hate that.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When I can't sew or read, I draw. When I can't make a new doll, I draw one. It is something of a challenge, with my corky right eye. I not only have AMD in my eye, that's the one with an astigmatism in it.
The subject of my drawing is a young girl figure, dancing with butterflies. I felt appropriate for this season.
She would be great idea for a doll.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been playing with my collection. As I said before, I really do not usually collect modern dolls. But, when I found the 'Only Hearts Club' sets on Amazon, that so took me back to when I was 12, my two cousins and I had a 'season of horses'. The toys evoked such a strong feeling of nostalgia, that I decided, why not? I looked them over carefully, trying to decide which set to purchase. I found, one of the Karina dolls, would come to live with me, because even though, she has blond hair, (I always wanted to be blond) the doll has green eyes. (I have green hazel eyes. By the way, there are four colors of 'hazel' eyes.)
Karina has a horse too. Each doll does too. This Karina came in a 'pink' western outfit. Perfectly appropriate. When I was 13, I HAD to have a western outfit for the fair and rodeo that year.
I ordered the toys, and they came quite quickly. I am pleased, because, now I have a doll to go with my soft toy horse collection. The horse with the tack, is Karina's. The others are collected. There are two more that aren't in the picture.
The doll is 9 inches tall.
After a bit, I took a long look at the doll. She somewhat resembles my cousin 'Avis'!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yeah, well, my mother's father was Irish. Always been proud of that. Along with my smidge of Native American. One of my ancestors was here to greet (sic) the other ancestor. All in all, they both had something in common. But, you know what? The Native tribes are ahead of the Irish. They have had tribal lands returned to them, while the Irish are still working for the return of Independence.
No, I'm not an activist. However, I do recognize a wrong doing.
After all, it was the Irish and Scot's who created Our America. They definitely were well acquainted with oppression and deprivation.
Pretty good job they did too. Everyone considered the Irish to just be drunkards and brawlers.
And Saint Patrick's Day is a good time to thank them and be glad we were so fortunate, every day.
Next best day, --AFTER-- The 4th. of July- our Independence Day.
I was born with red, white and blue flag tattooed on my heart.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Have you ever heard of: "neural-dermatitis"? Well, my life was and is in such a miserable place, that I broke out with it last summer. The spots heal v-e-r-y s-l-o--w-l-y. On my legs and body, it wasn't so bad. Just unsightly. But, when it broke out on my head-------misery and pain. Unrelenting. Yeah, went to dermatologist. All she did was identify and diagnose it. That's it. No suggestion for treatment or anything. I asked for something to put on it. She gave me on ointment that made the scalp and spots sting, itch and burn even more!!!!
So, as usual, I have to deal with it myself. By, trying this and that, I can sometimes get relief. And I sleep a lot. Seems when I lie down, changes the blood flow and eases the discomfort. For awhile. The dermatologist sent me to a psychiatrist to get some tranquilizers!? So I did. They make me sleep. Ok, fine.
I still have my IBS and my AMD on top of this. Besides there is some dental work I need done. Therefore, I just have not been up to blogging. Haven't been able to think about doing any thing at all creative.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I know, this is March, but, well I meant to put it up before.
This year, we decided to not buy valentines. There just not any pretty ones and they are too expensive. As you know in a post last month, I put out valentines that I had saved. Made lovely decorations.
However, I decided to make valentines for us. This is one I drew. I also made a collage in my regular journal. I felt the need to have one for each of us.
Now, I have a new yearly project to look forward to.
The artwork is copyright by me-CGZ-February-11-2010.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


One thing I have finally realized, since blogging after four years. No one. Not one person out there has any kind of imagination. Must be too much TV. Not enough reading. Not being interested in any thing that does not live under their nose.
What a drab life.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We had several days of fog last month. really thick, down to the ground, swirling around the trees, becoming tangled in the bushes. Dew, dripping from the new leaves. I have always found the fog be somewhat mysterious. Where did the fog come from? It would appear in places far from water. Twin itself around mountains, or making the lowlands damp.
Finally, last month, I was up early in the morning, heavy fog had been predicted. the airports were already steeling themselves to deal with frustrated travelers.
I decided to go out and look around at the fog, twining, wafting, drifting about the trees and landscape.
Wait? what's that? I stopped, stood still and quiet. There dancing about, I spied something. A chill went through me. No, it wasn't fear, it was the thrill of seeing something otherworldly. Oh, my, heart, it was a figure. One of several. A small troop.
I could not believe my eyes. Surely, I was dreaming. I closed my eyes. opened them again. It was true, I was treated to a vision of fog fairies. They were real. They were moving my way. I gasped, softly. But the lead one, a female figure, looked up, I had caught her eye. She looked right at me. Surprise, flickered across her countenance. Then she waived her hand, twirled, and the entire company vanished. But, not the fog.
The next thing I knew, I was in the house. And no memory of how I got there. And---my feet were not at all wet or even damp.
But, I did have the memory of my dream or vision. I quickly went to my desk, sat down, and this is the picture of the lead figure that I saw. I shall never forget it.
Copyright: 3-2-2010

Monday, March 1, 2010


Some days my situation almost defeats me. But, my parents were good role models and taught me how to endure and survive in the midst of adversity. Thank goodness. Or I don't think I would have stayed around this long.
I always try to find new things to keep my interest. The tragic things that go on around the world are something I cannot solve. One does what one can, and leave the rest to those who have the resources. You try to have the wisdom to tell the difference. Otherwise= you go nuts.
although on days like this, I just want to screaming out the door and down the street. At home at the mill, I could go out to the woods, or my grandfather's fields. No one would hear or care. If they heard anything, they would think it to be a coyote. Or a cougar. A cougar's scream sounds very like a woman's.
Since we live in a large town, a hick town that has delusions and aspirations of being called a 'city'. Even though the population is about 500,000 0r more. The place has a bad case of 'spread'. When I first came here, it was lovely, all orchards and truck gardens and flower greenhouses. Now it's all glass and concrete.
The main attraction for me and why I stay, it's only an hour to 'the' city. I love the city too. Tried to live there for a year or two. Found out, I couldn't live without 'trees'. So, came here to go to university.
Where we live now are lots of trees. a huge pine just on the other side of our patio wall. I call him, 'mr. hulk'.