Saturday, October 31, 2009


I didn't feel up to making a new doll for Halloween. I'm really not into the 'holiday' as Americans use it. I prefer something a bit more pastoral.
So, I made up my own mythology for my Starry Night Mystic Lady. She is an original concept and drawing. Albeit, she is not really finished. So, we got our computers to behave themselves for awhile this afternoon and I scanned her in. I do not not want to ink or paint my original, so I printed off some copies onto art paper. I will do those and see how she looks. This is the only witch I have ever drawn. Never had the interest before. Didn't care for the sexist, misogynist versions out there.
So, hope you all had a nice Hallowed 'Een. Don't eat too much of the left over candy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It turned windy. No rain for awhile. There was a wildfire near where the big one was last year. No homes lost. With wind, now there are leaves and pine needles all over the place. What a mess.
My Hb. and I are not wind tolerant. We both get headaches, even in the house. Hb. is really bothered by the wind. Makes him very irritable. I think it is left over, from working in airconditioning. Constant blowing all the time you know. Makes you feel a lack of control. Neither of us care for AC. But, luckily this past summer we had only a few days at a time that were hot enough. But, I set it on 79 degrees. worked better at that temp. Not too warm and not too cool. Last year I set the AC on 75 and froze my lungs. So I learned better.
The weather is all that changes. My days are pretty static. Boring.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Aren't these dishes cute. The novelty and whimsey is so fun. I subscribe to Better Homes and I saw this page. I decided that I 'needed' the bowl and plate. But, you know what? They were not easy to find in our area. My Hb. ended up going to three different Wal-Marts before he found some. I had him only buy the small bowl and the salad size leaf plate. So neat. He also found a pumpkin pattern too. So we have the small plate and matching bowl in that. We have only one place set in each.

Friday, October 16, 2009


This year has been one IBS attack everyday, everything I try to eat gives me a stomach ache. I get so tired. I know, I have said this before. But, forgive me. this is my life. I have been reading some of my vintage Regencies. They are very quaint, compared to the ones now. And those at the time were considered very modernized. I haven't purchased a new Romance in a long time. Just can't relate to the type of story or the girl. The main characters are so insipid and so clueless. Of course the characters are only as smart as the authors.
There is another book we have been reading, that is an excellent background to the Afghan situation. The Book is titled:'Horse Soldiers', by Doug Stanton.
On the weekends. we watch the NASCAR series. We used to have favorites. But, that doesn't work. So, we just watch to see who is allowed to win this week. A lot of the time we do not even watch the entire race. We only watch the last half hour.
When a horse race is broadcast on a regular channel, I watch it. No favorite horses. Just like to watch the horses. Although, the filly, Rachael Alexandra was nice to follow. The owners and trainer have taken her out to rest for next year. She won everyone of her races this year. So she needs a break.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had our first real rain of the season today. It will rain tomorrow too, and then taper off. The rain storm is really the tail end of the Typhoon Melor. So it was a very heavy rain and high winds. Lots of flooding and serveral bad auto accidents.
It still amazes me, that when we have our first rain it ALWAYS takes people by surprise. They can't seem to remember from season to season how to drive in the rain. They are so unaware, that they feel blindsided. Dumb.
My Hb. and a dr. appt. this afternoon and he had to go out in it. It is not that easy to change appt.s. If one cancels, it's at the least, two months before you can get in again.
He drove carefully and got there and back ok.
The storm will move on tomorrow and we will spend the next few days, cleaning up after the rain and wind.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here is a book my Hb. and I have been plowing through. It has small print and detailed info. But, I highly recommend it. This author has written two other books in the same category. If you want to know about how our national security works. I suggest that you read them. Very informative.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Chess has been one of the things that rather piqued my interest. It seems so esoteric, complicated and intellectual. It has a certain intriguing mystic to it.
Have you ever thought about the intricacies of Chess and what it would take to learn how to play? And yes, I know the history and origins of chess.
Well, the year I spent living in the city, I had some friends who played chess. Edward and Richard. Max didn't play, but he liked to watch Ed and Dick. They were so serious and argued constantly when they played. They were both excellent players. They also, bickered constantly when they were in a serious discussion. They both used a thesaurus and a dictionary just for conversation. they were both very intelligent. They amazed me.
One weekend when we got together for dinner, Ed asked me, if I would like him to show me how to play chess, to pass the time while Max cooked the dinner. I had expressed my interest a couple of times. They finally realized I was serious. And that's why that day was a good time.
As it turned out. I only played the one game. I chose to not ever play again. Not because it was hard. Not because I lost. Contrary, I won. I beat Ed, who was practically a champion class chess player.
Dick wrote down all of our moves. and monitored all of mine.
I did not make an illegal move. But, I did do many unusual ones. I also made moves with my knights that surprised Ed, Dick and Max.
To start with, I did not move my middle pawns first. I used the end ones. I made a sort of pincer movement. The guys were surprised. I asked,. "is that wrong?" They looked very hard at them and then said, "well, no." But are you sure you want to do that?"
I replied, "er-yes. I do." As long as it is legal."
"Well, ok then."
Ed and I continued to play. I always took my time deciding a move. I never did until I was sure.
The guys thought the game would last a long time as I was supposed to be learning. But the game only lasted an hour or so. I got bored and made my decisions faster. I beat Ed hands down, I went after his queen and bishops. took out most of his pawns.
The guys were stunned. Dick and Ed didn't understand how I did it. They sat down and spent the rest of the weekend trying to figure out what I had done.
I wasn't really sure how I did it either. It wasn't until years later, when I had matured more, when I had an epiphany.
I have never played Chess again. You want to know why. I'm psychic. It is not a fair match, when you can read all the plays the other person is thinking of.
I only used being psychic for protection. It did not do me any good in school. I had to learn the hard way, like everyone else.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Before pumpkins, they made small lights out of turnips. Unless, turnips used to be larger than what we have now. I like pumpkins, have never had any luck growing them. My Dad did though. He had a garden at their new home when he retired. Although the largest was about ten inches tall and diameter.
Now there are craft pumpkins that don't rot and stink. And are reusable. Also, battery tea lights. Perfect.