Monday, April 25, 2011


Hope you had a nice one. it rained here.
Orig. Art-by: CGZ
copyright: April-2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


People used to read blogs, and say hello. I miss that. no one does that, or else they all deserted blogs for face book. I guess they think they have a larger audience. Let me tell. a few friends, are safer than being an exhibitionist for the whole world. They don't realize there all sorts of creeps and other dangerous louts out there.
Even though I have tried to protect my blogs. I have still had a masher or two, try to sweet talk someone they think might be stupid, lonely and gullible. I just twisted their nose, and blocked them. No, I didn't email. I made brief blog. Which I then deleted.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


A friend of mine emailed me something she found on line. It was about cats. 'The art of Sleeping in a box'. A couple dozen photos of cats sleeping in boxes. Really cute.
Now, I'm not a cat person. But some are OK.
Long ago, I think I was still in college, my kid brother brought home a kitten, from one the litters his cousin's cats had. A female, short-haired all coal black, the only white hair anywhere was a small spot on her chest. Oh gad. Female. Kid, why not a male. 'because, I liked this one, and she came to me.
Being late in the year, we asked if ' Kitty' could stay in the house until warmer weather. Dad said, no, animals live outside.
Mom said, she's tiny and short haired. She'll freeze to death. she hasn't any other cat to cuddle with.
As long as there was warmer weather, Kitty was outside. But, we let her in at night. she got used to it.
Mom was always chary of animals because she picked up ringworm easily.
Kitty seemed to understand, just like our mama dog did. Mom liked them, but no petting. Mom would just talk to them, and they would listen and respect her. Kitty, when she came in would always go to Mom, sit and make a 'Meow'. Mom would say hello back. yes, you are a very pretty cat, but I can't pet you. sorry. OK?
Kitty would meow back, sometimes she would stand up and pat Mom's leg.
Then cat would get down and and go eat or have drink. When Mom was sitting in the chair by the heater, Kitty Puss would look up my brother or me to play with. Brother and I made toys for her to play with.
Kitty left Dad alone, she sensed quite well that daddy disapproved. However, he was definitely
out voted. Now, I can't remember if she had her own bed or not. But, I do remember that she would sleep with my brother. She would also come say hello to me and cuddle.
If Kitty wanted to go out, she would go to the door, and meow to go out. When she was through, she would meow to come in. We didn't train her, she did that by herself.
She slept mostly in mom's chair by the heater. It had plastic upholstery, so mom would wipe it down with some lysol, before sitting in it, next morning.
Kitty had a sweet gentle nature, very amiable, never got into to things or made a mess. She was very clean. She was very much a lap cat. Loved to be petted. she would hop in our lap and begin purring before we began. Sweet, sweet kitty cat.
Kitty wasn't demanding, if we said no, that was it.
After we lost her. I didn't want another cat. But, my brother did bring home another of his cousin's kittens. But cat stayed outside. Dad definitely put his foot down this time. 'Cat-Cat', (a tom this time) lived in the mechanic garage and slept in whatever car my kid brother was building at the time. Cat liked to pretend he was helping work on the car too. Cute.
I thought I had a picture of kitty in the turqoiuse chair, but this is Kitty in the grey frieze
chair. Mom replaced it with the vinyl chair, since kitty shared it with her.