Friday, March 23, 2012


I have no dreams
for they have flown
never more to
ever be known,
there are no dreams
now I'm alone.
The flowers wilt before they bloom.
In my heart for joy
there is no room.
I no longer see the moon,
behind the trees and clouds
It rides and from my sorrow
it's silvery beauty hides.
each day is as the rest,
nothing bad or best.
The only thing there
is to test. is how through
the day I exist.
everything is in a twist.
How to unravel a tangled
mess and I try
to remember who I was,
then, before, or how to see.
I am looking desperately
for another me.
Is there somewhere,
someone I can be.
is there out there,
a new way to see,
a path, to follow back to me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One is a lonely Number

I had a subject. but, I had trouble accessing my blog. I let a friend use my computer and he forgot to sign out. So, GOOGLE was blocking me, reading it as a high jacker. I'm in. But, I don't know if it will work next time.
I've mis-placed my art binders, and because of my right eye , I won't able to redo them. I am in a very dismayed place.
What I miss is someone to talk to about things I'm interested in. most only have one interest. I have a dozen or more. Only my best friend is like me the most. she's lonely too. And now having an entire continent between us is hard to bear. We talk. but, we'll never see each other again.
I sent her my wax fashion doll I made and dressed 40 years ago, along with the doll's wardrobe that spent years making. I no longer had a place to keep my favorite and most prized doll.