Monday, March 19, 2007


Quite some time ago, I was reading set of sci-fi fantasy stories, and one of the scenes in the story depicted a tavern-inn at the edge of Time and Eternity. The owner/ Barkeeper was a blue elephant. He was a displaced god put out work because of changing theological and philosophical attitudes. Of course I recognized the character. It quite struck me. How very droll. And what an interesting idea.
Unfortunately, I have totally forgotten the name of the author of the books, And the titles too. The idea may have been sparked from reading Joseph Campbell
But, the premise would be quite something to follow.
Would Athena become a mercenary soldier? Or perhaps a bodyguard? Or just chuck the soldier thing and plant an olive orchard . Raise olives and sell prime virgin olive oil. Hera , plants a pomgranate orchard, raises cows for milk and cheese. Or possibly, a Wedding Planer?, Demeter retires to her farm and raises Organic foods. Minerva, raising sheep for wool and opening a carpet or blanket weaving factory? Aphrodite would develop her own line of perfume and cosmetics. And have her own counter at Bloomies?
I would like to follow this theme. But, I can't quite seem to find the beginning.
Humm. Olympia Valley.
When life became 24/7/365======invisibles replaced by the material

One fine day, Zeus and Hera were looking down over the world below them. They had been somewhat bemused lately. There seemed to be fewer offerings and prayers to them the past few hundred earth years. The people were finding other gods and goddesses to entreat and invoke.

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