Friday, October 29, 2010


October, comes again,
with bright golden leaves,
blustery with winds
and chill falling rain.
Frost has touched, the trees
in colors, carnival fair.
Ruddy apples, red and sweet.
hot pies to make,
spicey and neat.
pears, blushing at their best,
to can and bake, served up
with cream and cinnamon zest.
Halloween, A time of mystery
and magic. When the unexpected
may turn up.
you might see your future at
the bottom of your
cinnamon teacup.
Baroque carved pumpkins,
lighted on front verandas,
guiding small costumed
spirits, in their disguises.
from the residents,
seeking sweet surprises.
the cycle moon now,
arises. time to treat has
come and gone,
every goblin, elf and gnome
returns home.
the exciment is now over.
but, never fear.
October comes,
once, each year.

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