Friday, March 23, 2012


I have no dreams
for they have flown
never more to
ever be known,
there are no dreams
now I'm alone.
The flowers wilt before they bloom.
In my heart for joy
there is no room.
I no longer see the moon,
behind the trees and clouds
It rides and from my sorrow
it's silvery beauty hides.
each day is as the rest,
nothing bad or best.
The only thing there
is to test. is how through
the day I exist.
everything is in a twist.
How to unravel a tangled
mess and I try
to remember who I was,
then, before, or how to see.
I am looking desperately
for another me.
Is there somewhere,
someone I can be.
is there out there,
a new way to see,
a path, to follow back to me.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Silverlight! I am SO happy to hear from you again! It has been a long time--how are you? I hope this lovely sad poem is no indication of your state of mind, generally. Are you on FaceBook? Thanks for coming by my blog again.

Have you read this book (The Madonnas of Leningrad)? It's terrific.

Changes in the wind said...

Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment.