Monday, April 16, 2012


Isn't this cute. it's little brown toy poodle I found on Amazon. I miss having a little dog to keep me company. but, I couldn't take care of it. So, last year I purchased some s mall things from Amazon. when I'm lonely or bored, I shop.
Yesterday, I called my brother, to see what's new. after a bit he said, "I bought me a puppy.'
"A puppy!', ok what kind?
found her at the flea market.(I figured.) some sort of poodle cross. It's a female, has cute big feet.(oh, my.) she's quite young, he thinks she was just weened, because it still wants to lap milk. no shots. so to the vet she goes, as as he can. he does live on a limited income. so do I, but I may be able help him with that. The dog is black and white, poodle shag. I asked him if he named her yet. Even his girl friend and her granddaughter think it's a cool name for a cute dog.ah,ha,) yes, he wants to name her: 'Lila'. LILA!! oh my. that was our Mother's name.
I've always tried to not give human names my fur persons.

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