Monday, October 1, 2012

Neil Diamond---Time goes by.

Isn't he handsome.  I didn't find him until the 70's when he finally made it big. He had been out there for maybe ten years, working hard to make it.
The song that caught me was; 'Longfellow Serenade'.  Got me hooked. We did get to go to some of Neil's concerts.Memorable You know what makes Neil  great? well of course, his words and music. But, men like his music too
I've been watching his videos on  Musicatory, and YOUTUBE.
finding out things I never knew.
His early  songs are neat    My.  husband had a resemblance to Neil. They are both part Polish. .No, my husband didn't sing.   but, I can  I sing along.  I sing real notes. not in the cracks.
I am doing this because  of course I like Neil, but, also, because his music reminds me of a happier time. when our life  was good. and  Dale and I  were happy.
P.S.  The Jazz Singer,  did not deserve the criticism it received.
I have a copy. the story is strong.  Neil was Neil.
really, even  Kirk Douglas,  played himself.
I've watched thousands of movies.   And  I've done a little  acting myself.

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