Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have not been blogging much. It had become much too depressing. Because I could see that it could seem my life was stagnating. But, you see, not really. even though I can't go anywhere much. I have all the time to do drawing, writing, and on days I can concentrate, I am able to sew a little. I find it so pleasing to sew. Needlework has always been a great pleasure for me. I am going to try to concentrate on my dolls. if I can. For as long as my eyes hold up.
I am sewing on a silk dress for Eithne. The bodice is almost sewn. Then I will work on the skirt. I drew a sketch for the dress in my journal. I have also made a drawing of an outfit for the pink floral skirt.
I decided to make my journal a little different this year. I am only going to write in it, if I really have something to say. Seems as though the last couple of years, all I wrote about, was the agonies of dealing with my IBS. But, now, I have some serious problems coming with my eyes. And I am an Artist. Seeing is important to me.
I started taking vitamin 'D' a couple of weeks ago. Has helped me feel better emotionally. My brain seems less muggy. I hope 'D' may slow down the MD.
January has had very nice weather. Quite Spring like. Not what we need. It finally began to rain yesterday, and more rain today. The rain seems to come from the south, so it is not cold, even if the temps. are in the 50's.

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