Monday, January 26, 2009


'Thing of beauty is a joy forever". To quote Keats.
I love dolls. Always have. Dolls are ART. I started my collection with three of my childhood dolls. My Mom was a little disturbed by that. She was afraid I might be be a little 'backward' as they referred to it back then. I was eventually able to relieve her concern in that regard.
I love lovely things. I had very little of beauty in my life growing up where I did. Evreything was dust and dirt and smoke. All we wore except when we went to town, were denims and shirts.
So, dolls were the only things I saw with lovely clothes. Oh, yes, and in the movies. As for art. Occasionally in magazines.
Collecting dolls does not mean I am a shallow person. Contrary. To be interested in and to study dolls, is to study the history of humanity. And I belong to the national organization: UFDC.
The United Federation Of Doll Clubs.
I have collected since I was 13. My collection is mutable. Almost collectors are like that.

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