Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, I had to go see my ophthalmologist yesterday. The AMD spot kept ruptering. And the spot was moving into my pupil. Makes me kind of see double. I can see the spot when I look at a plain background or close my eyes. Dr. Kim confirmed what I saw. So, I asked, now what ? He said, it needs medicine. You have that ?
What does it entail?
A shot right into the eyeball.
Ackk! (small scream and a shudder.)
Dr. asked, you want to come back tomorrow?
No way, do it now. That way I won't have time to think about it.
So they numbed my eyes with all sorts of stuff.
I still felt the shot when it was injected. Ouch.
But, it was quick. and over.
There was some stinging. But, I had ice in the car, because the day was warm. So on the way home, I held a compress to the side of my eye. ( that was permissable.) And before we arrived home, the hurt had faded. Just some sort of stiffness. I kept the patch on until almost morning. I took it off to clean the gunk out of the eye. So far, no complications. I see Dr. Kim in a couple of weeks.

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