Saturday, September 26, 2009


Autumn has come again town.
Wearing her vibrant multicolor gown.
With her wand she paints the trees,
wearing new colors to catch the breeze.
I really always have trouble trying to write about Autumn and Fall. Because you see, I lived where there were very few deciduous trees. I lived in the middle of a young pine forest. there was one lone big silver oak over by the mill. One way out back near the ranch fence and there were a lot of oak trees in the school yard. But, the weather seldom seemed to chill at the right time, all we got was brown. Some years, the trees over the mountain on the way to the county seat, we could see trees in color. Only if we hit the time right.
So, when I came to live here, I was able to see some sort of autumn. But, here in the middle of the state, the seasons are a couple of months off from the northern part of the state. So, Autumn comes in December. Lots of color for Christmas that way. The liquid amber trees are very vibrant. And the Gingkos are fairy gold. Oh, love the hawthorns too. All ombre reds and pinks.
Therefore it has always been a little hard for me to write a poem for Fall.
No problem though. Lots of other people have written about it and much better than I.

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