Thursday, November 19, 2009


Since I had finished the silk dress, I was trying to decide what to do next. When I went thru my work box, I found the pieces of this skirt, I had cut out last year. Well, I had sort of an idea to do Christmas. And there this was. Just this past monday, I was feeling fairly well. So, I spent the day sewing. doing as much as I could. Did pretty good, as you can see. Good thing. All I could do after that, was cut the fabric for the ruffle. Then pinned the hem in place, ready to sew, when I have my energy up again.
To those of you who are not doll or sewing people, I know, to you this is: Boring and unimportant. Well, really, are you interested in what ever I may have to say about, Sarah Palin, Health care, Or if the fact that Oprah is ending her talk show. This blog is about me, who I am and my interests. It's 'person' blog. Not a news blog.

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