Saturday, November 28, 2009

living day to day

Well, made it past Thanksgiving. So, I guess that's something to be thankful for. No, we don't go out into the shopping crush and frenzy anymore. We ordered from the Internet. I figure that to be equivalent to catalog shopping. Like going back in time, to when we ordered from the Wards and Sears catalogs. So, nothing new, just a rerun. Very retro.
After all this long time, I find I really miss downtown window shopping. Malls just do not make it.
Slogging through wind, rain or snow, that was part of the experience. The malls are without character. They are like warehouses. And malls promote disease. Someone sneezes at one end and it blown by the AC all over the buildings in five minutes. (ok, ten minutes.) Making the place a pest house. besides, the air conditioning always gives me a migraine headache, all that cold blowing air.
The little strip malls are ok. You drive up and get out, to walk into the shop.
By the way, about catalogs. I ordered from a catalog, because they have things one can't find easily anymore. Now, I get one or two new ones everyweek. There may be more now, as people are looking for a way to have income. As jobs are truant.
Our Thanksgiving was: watching the Macy's Parade and a sharing one of those extra large T.V. dinners. I didn't lose it until 6:o'clock the next morning. I count that a 'good' thing.
We already have our Christmas shopping done.

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