Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today is our 47th. Anniversary.
We didn't have big wedding. We weren't 'wedded'. We were 'married'. Just the two of us, went to the courthouse. Then across the street to a quiet chapel. Two female clerks were our witnesses.
The bride wore red. (Because it was winter and the dress was a warm knit.) The 'bride'smaid' wore sage green and the 'best man' wore violet.
We didn't tell anyone until after. My parents found out when we went up for Christmas. Hb. sent his Mom a card. My Mother was somewhat miffed. Dad, bemused. My kid brother laughed. Later when my older brother was told. He just said, oh.
I had planned a celebration at the 25th. anni. But, by then, both mom and dad were gone. So, it no longer mattered. Do I regret. No.
My Hb. is my second marriage. Mom made me have a wedding the first time. When I hadn't wanted it. So, been there done that.
By now, I have been married the longest. No big deal. Marriage is only for tax purposes anyway. So, the gov. can be sure they get their full share of our hard earned wages.
But, we've rubbed along rather well.
That first night at home on christmas. Mom and my kid brother had poured rice all over the sheets. I just went to the kitchen and found a jar to put it in. Kept it for years.
I didn't say a word. Ha, ha. My family were surprised. No one ever mentioned it. That's the way we are.

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