Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Used to be: "Have a holly, jolly Christmas. It's the great time of year--------"
I really miss Christmas. I always ignored, what others termed " crass commercialism". Simply because that is NOT what Christmas was about. But, I did take advantage of all the choices available, because of it. Made it easier to find something special for the recipient. Christmas is about bringing the best in people. Being kind and thoughtful about and towards others. Family, friends. Or outright strangers.
And of course, giving us a real reason to reconnect and acknowledge, that is there is something, larger and good out there. A spiritual model for us follow.
Sorry folks, but it does exist, even if someone doesn't except that. If I wasn't so sick all the time now, I would go serve food at the charity kitchens. So, we give food when we can.
So, remember, Christmas is about caring and giving and most of all, Love- spiritual, platonic and agape.

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