Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, we finally had to do something about our speed. Internet wise, that is. Hb. had bought us a new laptop, to use, because both our old tower computers were so s-l-o-w, we were just getting too disgusted. Playing on the things were not fun anymore. My old thing, refused to talk to the printer and the scanner. Hb. got the newest laptop to finally behave in a more civil manner and accept the acquaintance to the accessories. However, each computer has their own quirks, so I have had to push myself to deal with it. I am going slow, so that I learn it all correctly and in proper sequence.
The new tech was still quite slow with our old phone line connections, So, alright, Hb. went ahead and now we have wireless fast connection. I can actually surf, and see all those stupid special do-dads all websites have to have now.
When I am researching something, I just want plain, simple information. I don't need plug-ins or videos. I completely disconnected the sound. I have a mute computer.
So, that's what I have been doing. Just getting acquainted with a new toy. It is still temperamental, But, then all high strung things are.

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