Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey, America has her cup back! And it's about time. It's here in California, so the sailors back east, are probably miffed. But, hey guys, the best est boat(ship) wins. You bet! What a craft! Bird on the water.
I finally have something that interests me enough to write about. Not just the cup. It has been fun looking at the photos from the various Carnivals around the world. Venice had one this year. all the best costumes were worn by males. Quite likely, they are very flamboyant types. The few women photographed were rather conventional.
I haven't checked Brazil yet. What costume they do have about them is usually quite scant. --But- quite original.
I have a couple of picts of the Saints' parade, and now two of Brees as Bacchus. His wife is there too.
Watched the NASCAR races both days. Talk about a bummer. Danica got crashed out about half way in. not her fault. In fact she tried to avoid getting hit. What happened, she lost control of the car and it ran up the track into the inside wall.
Next week.
Not as bad as Chrissy Wallace. Paul Menard tagged her and sent her into the wall. First lap. And to make things worse, Paul Finished the race. No justice.
I used to try to follow Danica, but ended all the races were on Speed channel, except one two. So
I could find her on yahoo news.
What a day at Daytona today. Track got a pothole. Two red flag stops to fix hole. After all the
wrecks and stops, they put on a ten card, double shuffle, so you didn't know until the finish line, who has actually won. McMurray- first and Dale Jr. came in second, a very excellent finish for him. I keep rootimg for him no matter what.
It may rain in California.

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