Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Long ago. there used to be seasonal crafts magazine published every year. I used buy a lot of them. Better Homes and Gardens, was a favorite.
In their December 1963 issue, were the plans and diagrams for a Tudor style doll house. Now the way it was originally imagined, there was an open layout.
the rooms were big enough for a child to get right into the house. the scale one twelfth. I looks to be big enough for 6" to 11.5" dolls.
I kept that issue, and dreamed over it, for quite awhile. Finally Iasked my Hb. if we could try to make one. He is so creative and artistic. We sat down, checked the scale and I decided to scale it down. Make it a 1/12th scale. that's 1 inch= 1foot.
Hb. went out, scrounged around in back of a couple of Appliance stores, until he located a large double thickness, re-enforced T.V. box. It was fun getting it home in back of my Buick.
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We were without an Internet connection for awhile, just got it back, using a different provider. that was fast.
We finally wrestled the box into the car and made it home. then wrestled the box out of the car and into the house. now, that was a BIG box. we spent several days, maybe few weeks, laying it all out. the cutting and fitting it all together. It was a lot of work, but, great fun.
the second picture is of the finished house. it was big. it was nice, it was fun.
thetop picture is of an exhibition of a few of my houses at Standford Research Center in Palo Alto, CA. the big is the one we made. the rest are vintage ones.
I had that Tudor for 20 yrs. finally sold it to a grandfater for his grand daughter.
if you go down to previous post. you'll see the plans.

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