Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was really nice. two weekends ago. My Hb's brother and wife flew all the way here just see my darling.we keep in touch. but we hadn't seen them since 1999.
we all got along rather well. I get along fine, but, long ago I must said or did something. because they have the idea, I'm an elitist.
This time, I pulled out a couple of pics of where I grew up. I showed them to hb's sister-in-law, and said, 'L, I know you always thought I was a city girl. not so."
here's where I was born and grew up. Actually, I'm a city raised,country girl"." I used to play with the kids whose fathers worked for my dad."
I never was aware of our difference in economic station. to me, there wasn't any 'station'. to me they were just playmates.
So, way back when I must have done something. I talked to L. a bit. A she came out because she is such a nice person. Hb's brother and wife are two very geberous and kind hearted.and said, that she never had either of my blogs. But her daughter did.
I have never, ever looked down on my sister-in-law. had too much respect for her.
I am very dismayed.
Maybe, I can yet rectify that.
Hb was dour, but so glad his brother came to see Hb. he is always surpised, when anyone is kind to him or does a kindness to him.
W & L said they may be able to come out next year. I hope so for Hb's sake.

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