Saturday, February 5, 2011


You wonder, yes you may,
why I do not have a
thing to say
about, any of my days.
Mostly my days, have
nothing to report.
they are not the sort.
Do you really wish
to read my plaints,
If you do, you are a saint.
Really, there is nothing
you've not heard before.
after awhile, such things
can be a bore.
Did I not say that before?
Well, today is much
like yesterday.
Sitting, watching the
SUN go by on his
his way,
across the sky.
So, we sit in ennui
and do in boredom sigh.
remembering all we
used to do.
And who we used to be.

1 comment:

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

...remembering all we used to be!

Silverlight, it been a ton of time passed, but I am really happy to find you here, chugging along, as am I. I found a comment from you on an old blog post this afternoon, (my "Jelly" blog) and I thought of you and wondered how you are! Happy to see you are still writing!