Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love this picture. very idealistic. I wish---but, my mother never really played with me. not really. she admitted, she was never a doll person. and she had an unsure outlook, to see me love my dolls. Although, she did teach me how to thread a needle, at which I am very good. and how roll a knot without a tail, at which, I am only 50% successful.
When I was in high school, my dad had a partnership with another guy, to grow safflower. So, we occasionally visited the family. They had a sweet and I think, lonely little girl. Perhaps she was 5.
One time when I was there, I was talking to her and her mother. The elfin asked me to play tea party with her. I was very discomposed. I had no idea what to say, but, I said, " I think I am too big to play like that".
She said, " my momma plays with me all the time".
Me, "oh". very embarrassed.
"I guess it's because, maybe, my momma never had time to play with me".
As with with most children, that led to a string of unanswerable 'whys'.
Her mother saw we were in a box canyon and distracted Sally, with a promise of a treat later.
My dad was ready to leave, so we left.
But, I've always remembered that. And wished "I hadn't been so conscious of my teenage-semi-adult state, to think playing 'tea time' with a tot, would in someway, diminish my 'teenage'consequence.
Before I was in my teens, I always played with serveral of my tiny cousins. Even the little ones of the men who worked for my Dad.
I considered myself to have been very silly.
Next year the family moved away, as the safflower didn't work out. So I never got a second chance.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I used to LOVE to play dolls and have tea parties with my little granddaughter (now 14 and too old for such stuff). Miss it!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS. Have you (or have you thought about) making your blog into a book? I did this with a couple of mine, and I was really pleased with them. They turn out nice-looking books, and it's fun to have them in hard copy as well! Blogger does it, and it's easy.