Thursday, March 5, 2009


I finally had to come to the realization, that my choices for TV programming had boiled down to only two. It is either cooking or crime! When it comes to those so-called reality shows, I do not even consider. They are about really stupid people getting on TV and showing their ignorance and idiocy.
So, after about 50 years of watching TV and liking the content. I find myself just turning the set off for hours at a time. I sew, draw, sleep or do small things that need done. Visit with my Hb. Do some organizing. Never thought I would go without the TV.
There has been a study done that says there are more older people watching TV. Mainly boomers who never watched much before. And they really like those incredibly stupid reality shows. EGAD!!!! They will never know about some pf the great shows that came before.
I remember the rants fron the TV critics during the 50's and sixties. HAH!! Wonder if any are still around now.

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