Sunday, March 15, 2009


I haven't done much. Except go to Dr.s. First off, last November, I woke up one morning, and noticed an odd anomaly in my right eye. Kind of a funky curved line in my eyesight. I thought, uh, oh. What's going on here? I waited to see, if it was a temporary thing or not. Then my IBS kicked up and I was too sick to go anywhere. Well, thank goodness I subscribe to several women's magazines. Because in the December issues there was a a full page bulletin about AMD-age-related maccular degeneration. I read that in great dismay. So I called Kaiser, where I have my health care, and after a difficult time, finally got an appointment with an opthalmologist. Well, yes, turns out I have the beginnings of AMD. A blot on the left side of my right eye. Almost in the direct line of my eyesight. There goes any sewing or needlework I want to do. Also, gets in the way and warps things when I try to draw.
The first doctor sent me to the main Kaiser to a specialist to confirm. I had an appt. with that specialist Friday 6th. And for now it has not grown much. He will see me again in June.
AMD has no cure. I also have the beginnings of cataracts too. Those can be helped.
Then, I have dental work to be done. I just had a root canal on a front tooth. Now the cap to be done.
So, that's the update to my life. Exciting? Humm?
Winter wasn't cold enough, so my tulips didn't come up and we only had two daffodils. We usually get at least a dozen. Although we did have 7 Callas so far.
I have to give up the Gerber Daisies. The snails and slugs love them and positively thrive on the snail bait.


daringtowrite said...

Wishing you better times ahead!

Endment said...

Doctors--- my least favorite place to go.....
Feel better SOON!