Friday, July 10, 2009


I had gotten tired of working on the afghan. Because my hand became afflicted with a case of carpel tunnel. So, I left it to rest awhile. I have also developed a sewing carbuncle on the first joint of my right forefinger. II developed the finger bump long ago from all the hand sewing I used to do. It kind of goes away when I stop using it. The carpel thing isn't new either. Got my first case 40 years ago. Soaking in warm water and lots of hand cream massage eases nicely. I don't just massage my hand, I massage my arms too, full length, because the entire arm and hand are involved. Never had to go to a dr. about it. Dr.s don't know diddlely about how to treat carpel tunnel syndrome. I had a friend go through the operation. It was worse ever after. She had to quite work and go on disability. Talk about a mess.
Anyway, I learned to do my hand work in short spurts, so I could rest my hands periodically.
I am crocheting the edging around all of the squares. When that is done, they will be sewn together into the afghan as a piece.

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