Sunday, July 12, 2009


I did a story about my desire for a tea set. Tea sets seem to me to be an epitome of elegance and refinement. I had finally found one in doll size long ago. But, I still wanted a people size one.
When I was still in a social circle, I purchased a lovely English teapot. And I only collected an assortment of teacups. Because, when serving a small group, it was easier for everyone to keep track of their own cup. The cake plates were assorted too. For the same reason. My Friends and guests thought it very distinctive and creative. I always do the unusual.
When I worked in the flower shops, Teleflora came out several years with really neat teapots. And yes, I had to have one of each year. Overboard!!!!!!!!
However I ran out of cupboard space and the we had to move again, so I sold all of them, except my original English pot.
Then I received a temptation catalog. You know the kind that has all sorts of needful things. I have a real passion for porcelain. I just love beautiful things. And there, in that catalog was this exquisite So Rococo tea set. It came in pink or blue. Pink is my color. And the set is perfectly useless because of the placement of the handles on the cups. I looked at it, thought about it. I said, you silly, you just sold all your tea pots. Notwithstanding, Now you want a tea set? Yes, it was so speaking to me. Well, I didn't get it, at least not yet. We were still able to go to antique shows and that year, one of the dealers had this set. Both of them. Yes, collectibles are allowed at Antique shows, but they do have to be labeled as new and as collectible. I dreamed, OK.
So, come time to tell Hb. what he could get me for Christmas that year, I pulled out the catalog and showed him the tea set. He teased me about it, then took the catalog so he could order the set. Nice. One of the nicest, most elegant Christmas presents I ever received.
So, here it is. Displayed on the top of the bookcase dollhouse. Along with a pair of Red stamp Japanese 18th century style porcelain figurines. I purchased them new when I was 17. The small set are German, purchased from eBay 10 years ago.

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