Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WHAT?!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Well, I guess the people I went high school with, got lonesome or something again. They are putting on another high school class reunion. Honestly, if they want to party, do it without us. Or at least me. No, I didn't return the announcement. Not in this lifetime. So, Sunday, the phone rang, good heavens, it was my friend Harold. "Hey, didn't you return the invite?".
"No, of course not. Really."
Harold thought he could tempt me by saying, " don't you miss your old stomping grounds?"
"No way, My stomping grounds were the city, and also where I live now".
He tried a couple of other tacts, finally I had to tell him.
"Harold, I was only born up there, I live here". He didn't understand. I had to repeat it, with an emphasis, "I was BORN there, I 'LIVE' here". He finally got it. (up there, I was a dead person walking, my heart, my soul, my mind, my intellect were starving to death.)
I then changed the subject, and got him to tell me about himself, all the changes up there. But we hung up still friends.
I did go to two reunions, because a friend and my cousin Avis begged me. Bad choice. Both times were complete disaasters. So, never again.
There is nothing up there that calls to me. In fact there are nothing but ghosts of
a lot of awful memories. Talking to Harold and being reminded of all that, the load poured through the cracks and almost overwhelmed me. After that phone call, I am still trying to exorcise myself of all those ghosts again. (ugh. shudder)

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