Saturday, August 29, 2009


About the time I feel I have dealt with all the ghosts of my past. something comes along and the door flies open, and out the phantoms come flying. they swirl around. reminding me and taunting me, saying are you sure we are harmless now?
I become overwhelmed again. Why can't you leave me alone? I am an adult now, I am a different person now. Go away!! I left you behind.
Yes, but you have not really faced us to deal with us.
Yes I have. Those things are no longer relevant, Everyone who caused me pain, and grief, are gone and can no longer touch me.
And still, I cannot seem to put them to rest. to convince myself, all of what went on in the past, is, IN the past. It's gone. Done. There is nothing to be done about it. I live here. This my home now. Has been since I left my birth home. That place holds nothing for me.
My true home was my Mom and Dad. But, they are now two plots in a different town. That is where their bodies are. Their souls are free to go and do what they will. I feel them frequently. Mom can check on me more easily now.

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