Sunday, August 2, 2009


I couldn't believe it. I found my old textbook we used when I was studying poetry at USJ. I was glad to find I had kept it. I gave away and sold so many of my books over the years.
I also discovered that my poetry is very influenced by Chinese and Japanese styles. Their images are so spare and evocative of what they want to say. The images are so clear, with only the use of a few words.
Very different from English poetry.
Another influence to my poetry, is: e.e. cummings. All in small letters and the letters dance around or across the page. stunning.
I also use popular music for some of the rhythms. Music helps with finding the words to rhyme. That is left over from my square dancing days.
I have not written much poetry lately though. No inspiration.
Anyway, if you can find this book or one similar, it will be a very good reference to help you understand how to compose your poetry.

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