Thursday, August 6, 2009


I was just reading the news from the town where the Jr. college I went to is. People are moving up there to try to get away from the crime in the cities. What they don't realize, they are taking it with them. Their kids were the Vandals. And drugs had moved in up the twenty years ago. My brother says there isn't a woman or girl that hasn't gotten hooked. He just stopped looking for a girl friend.
He has a female friend or two, from long ago. But, He just goes without. Safer that way.
An old acquaintance of mine from up there, told me that pot farms have been found way up in the Cascades forest where my Dad used get the timber for our sawmill. Now, that is scary as all h---. Boy, I'd never be able to go for the long walks in the woods by myself that I used to. Some one try that now, they likely could by shot by a marijuana gang member.
I just found out from my cousin Avis that our cousin Audrey and her husband went to Idaho, looking for a safe clean place. But, well, the drug gangs moved up there during the early 1990's. The Law was having an awful time adjusting. No, the gangs won.
Things will only change when the people can be made to realize, drugs are poison. And totally unnecessary. Education is the only thing that will change this situation.

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:) Read about your hand issues doing handwork and thought I'd tell you that I purchased a hot wax machine and use it everyday and it has make a HUGE difference in my hands hurting:)