Monday, July 26, 2010


Do your appliances sing to you? the refrigerator, the heater-A/C, hum show tunes, country? Washer, drier? How about the air cleaner. Just last night, I put some of my laundry in to wash.
later, I stopped and listened, darned if it didn't sound like the washer was singing: " wash that petticoat, wash that petticoat; pretty pretty coat, pretty petty Petticoat."
Isn't that a silly thing.
There is a word for that impression. Has something to do with rhythums, resonances, and motor balence. My Honeywell purofier does the same thing. I think it's built in on purpose, to save the machine. It may be has abuilt in ability to change the fan, so as not wear it out. As those things are on all day and night.

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