Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ha, do any of you know what that means. I was going to use a different title. But it rhymes with my real name. So, I had to re-phrase it.
What it refers to in this instance, is, good grief, we now have a faster computer. I always was a lead foot, runs in the family. Well, not my Mom. Just the rest of us. My poor old tower computer, is setting in a dark and unused room. My Hb. and I were finally forced , into 21st cen. Most unwilling. But, we are getting the hang of it. I hate change. But, life is nothing change. I wish someone had told me that as soon as I could talk. I would have been better prepared.
However, it is a little more fun, to be faster. I can watch some of the videos. And DVDs. I watch movies. I am now looking for old movies. Real movies. Not, this supersilious, over done, artificial,
digital stuff. Sorry kids. I prefer my entertainment to have a strong story line.
Characters to care about. A content worth my time. Otherwise, if I want animation. I'll watch cartoons, or the colored, illustrated, papermedia.
Yes, I'm still talking 'computer'. I am able to do artwork with it. Original art, that only exists in the hard drive. If I want one I can print it out. But, that is really only a copy, the real one is only; 'vertual'. Saves waste.
With faster speed. I can order on the 'net. Very convenient, since I can no longer go to a mall or real store. Although, I love to browse-shop. I haven't been in a long time.
Something I always wanted, my own Library. I started collecting books. But, each time we moved, I had to sell some of my books, because we needed the money, and wanted to cut down on the weight and packing.
Since we moved here. I only have a few cases of books. I'm not collecting anymore. I borrow from the city library---because: I have a vertual Library. My computer. No dusting, no clutter and Hb. doesn't have to build more shelves. So, that wish has really come true. My Dad would have liked that. Mom would have loved the shopping connections.
The email is nice, but, not always. I only have person I trade handwrittern letters with. You know, when someone hand writes a USPS letter, it's always more personal. An email always seems edited, so as not reveal anything too personal, because email gets 'hacked' and I.D.'s stolen.
So, who will I watch to night? or shall I go to Project Gutenberg? Maybe check the news on Yahoo. Perhaps, drive myself nuts at eBay. Wow, choices, choices.

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