Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Life of is a journey, of the uncertain, unknowable, unforeseeable, obstacles. things we hope to be maybe found, or not. potholes so deep, we almost drown. a bump may seem a mountain, a mountain may turn out to only a bump. our perspective changes, but, we try to hope, to wish, and sometimes pray. but everything is a surprise. I HATE surprises. they are always nasty.
trying make a life worth living. a life that shows it was worthwhile to our parents for bearing us and raising us.
Well, here we are at this, and any quality of life is diminished. My Hb. has been diagnosed with ALS.
there is only a long list of 'can'ts'. very short list of; 'still able to'.
at least my IBS is over, so, I am able to be there for him.

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