Saturday, August 7, 2010


When I began blogging, I was only writing for a couple of friends, and a relative. If anyone else ran across it and read it, well, that would be a plus. I began in April-2006.
I never really knew if there were any readers, But, oh well. I was mainly telling life stories, as counterpoint to what life is like now.
The first time I was aware, that I was read occasionally, by a public person, was a direct reference to my blog about bullies I wrote. Evidently Dr. Phil has an aid who gleans for him.
One day, I just happened to surf by, and decided to stop and watch Dr.'s show. It was about 'bullies'. And he made a direct quote from my blog. I was delighted. SOMEbody noticed.
The next time , it Bill O'Reilly. During the election year. I just got so sick and tired of all the 'blathering' and childish mud slinging, that I wrote a blog about it, and whenever any coverage of the contest came on, I tuned away. I have heard it all.
Later, the next night. I was surfing as usual, ran across Bill's show, I stopped to see what he was discussing that night. And, doggone, darned if he wasn't talking about the subject of that blog.
As I am writing this, my Hb. reminded that Oprah had also read one my stories. I don't remember that one. It may have been the 'bully' one too.
Hah, two more articles turned up recently.
Did you see the one:"Birdsong", well, in our local paper, one of the columnists, must have it, because he wrote about what the songs mean and and how they sung. Robins are very romantic, and sweet talk the hen. The writer also listed a couple of books and some recordings available.
I meant to save that. But, I forgot which issue.
The latest blog borrower, must have seen my latest entry, about my sing washmachine. He must have went out, loaded his washer, and listened, because 'today' on yahoo, is vidieo about a guy whose machine sings and and has real musical beat. Nigh knocked me off my chair. No, I wasn't angry or shocked, I was just very amused.
So, people, sometimes it pays to surf, read the paper. Y ou might out about fans you never knew you.
I find it rather flattering.
Have a nice day, surfing.

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